Monday, October 7, 2013

The Last Year

As we are getting ready for the Holly Hoop in a few weeks, I feel that I need to update my blog.  This is a tough month:  here is a distinct change in our environment, the leaves start to change, the flowers are done blooming, it's getting colder outside, and certainly darker.  I feel a bit darker inside, and it creeps up on me without even noticing.  I am so grateful, however, because, this darkness is so much lighter than it was a year ago, and exponentially lighter than it was two years ago when I found my sweet daughter in her crib.  I have learned about healing in the last two years in a way and I am grateful for the lessons I've learned (and am very much still learning).  I wanted to share a little bit about our last year and some of our moments of healing.

Holland's 2nd Birthday 

August 2013

A Hard Moment

Memorial Day

Mother's Day

Brief Encounters Support Group


Packing away baby things

18 months


One Year

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