Thursday, October 10, 2013

Georgia Grace

This year at our Holly Hoop, we will be remembering Georgia Grace Jones.  She died September 12th from being born with Trisomy 13.  Below is a letter that her mother Courtney had written to her and was read at her funeral.


Your eyes will never open because they have seen the purest of Heaven. Your heart will not work 

properly because you have received such great love from Heavenly Father and have breathed in pure 

air in Heaven. 

My dear baby Georgia, when I had first heard of your fatal condition my heart tore into pieces. We 

were given a choice to make and when we decided to go with the Lord's will I was overwhelmed with 

great love and peace. We were blessed to start a journey that we never imagined to experience. 

As the days got closer to seeing you I got more nervous and anxious. Then the day had arrived. You 

came a little early but you decided that you were ready to come into our world. Everybody hurried to 

the hospital. Everybody was scared and nervous. When you came into our world we heard the most 

beautiful sound ever, you had cried. As they put you onto my stomach I thought I was seeing an angel 

because you were soo beautiful. What I saw was the most perfect child I have ever seen. I did not see a 

blind child. I saw beautiful bright blue eyes. I did not hear a faulty heart. I heard a heart full of love and 

happiness. Georgia, you might not have seen what was around you but you were surrounded by such a 

great family that has fallen in love with you before you were born. 

Baby Georgia, Heavenly Father heard my prayer and we were able to take you home. To have you 

home was a great blessing. We got to spend time with your brother and sister and share our great love 

and joy with you. Then you decided that you were ready to fly back to Heavenly Father. No amount of 

preparedness can get me ready to say Good bye to you. We knew that you were going to leave us but 

I would have never been ready to say good bye. You were my piece of heaven. My heart aches for my 

baby angel. But, as I close my eyes I can imagine you with your beautiful blue eyes and little pigtails. I 

can see you running to me with open arms.

Baby Georgia, because we have the Plan of Salvation, I know that I will see you again.

I love you my sweet angel for all time and eternity,

Your momma

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